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Spiced Aztec Cookies: baking day

Today I got out my giant cookie roll and started cutting out my Spiced Aztec Cookies. For me I found the edge of my cookie roll to be very very crumbly...but after trying a few knifes...steak, saw, I settled on whatever the kitchaid aid one is called below...I find just slowly pushing the knife thru rather than sawing made cookies instead of crumbs pile.

just part of the crumbs pile...for a bit I wondered if I'd be making cookie crumble instead of cookies.

kitchenaid knife wins for cutting actual cookies...into the oven they go! 
I'll admit that these cookies are a bit harder to tell when they are done than less chocolatey ones...for me I knew they were done because the kitchen really starts to smell like hot chocolate about 8 minutes in...9 minutes and out they came! (The recipe suggests 10...but my oven always runs hot...I can't tell you how many batches of cinnamon rolls I've burned when I forget that early in the morning lol) Ideally cookies are done when they start to brown on the bottom.

done cookies!

Like aztec hot a cookie form, when straight out of the oven you get a real kick of the cayenne pepper.
yum! I bet these would taste excellent as mini ice cream sandwiches.