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memorial day weekend

i have to admit it was difficult  to come to work this morning after my only activities in the past 3 days have been working out and going to the pool. 

i could use a holiday every monday ;)

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why drive up pharmacy at Walgreens may want to be avoided...

this happened yesterday around 5:30pm, I just got sidetracked and forgot to share! so, here we go :)

yesterday, at Walgreens some guy...who will remain nameless...was at the drive up arguing about how many pills that the insurance should be covering on his script of VIAGRA! lol. I now know that his insurance only covers six of a thirty day prescription.

Lesson learned? Perhaps you think you are talking not that loud through the speaker and that the person on the other side of the window talks quietly too...but, truth be told your voice rings over a loud speaker and the lady on the other side of the window has a voice that carries well away from your little conversational place.

needless to say I wasn't the only one about to die of laughter as this older fellow was arguing about how many viagra should be covered. and as if that wasn't bad enough, when he went to leave she said something to the effect of "thank you very much Mr. First-name Last-name. So if you didn't know who he was by just looking out the window at him, now you know his name too. *giggles* best Walgreens trip ever!

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baking with Ruth

Tonight I learned the reason why you really shouldn't try a new recipe you plan on bringing somewhere for the first time without a trial run.

Simply put, Mayan Bundt Cake was a put it nicely. When I would put the wooden poker in to see if it was done at 40...then 45...then even another few minutes later it would always come out looking not even close to done. Then I just decided at 50 min that this thing is going to burn before it finishes and, sure enough, as it cooled 10 min and then was flipped it came out in alternating uncooked and overly dry parts. It came out looking like a heaping pile of dirt. Not so much the bundt cake shape that I pain-stakingly criscoed/floured.

Mayan Brownies are in the oven now, hopefully these don't become another FAIL, or I give up. At least these don't have to be flipped into a fancy shape.

Although, I am disappointed that the $5 cake holder tubberware thingy I bought today will not get used. Ce la vie.

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Links Countdown

Let the countdown to me living in the links this time next month I will be moved in, hopefully somewhat organized and enjoying life sans roommates, aside from Nick :)

It will be nice to be away from regular apartment furniture and into a place with all of our own things. Couches, bed, desks, tables and chairs all of which I'll be able to do whatever to. I'm also excited about being able to put up art work that I was a little hesitant on putting up while I lived in a college home for fear it would be knocked off the walls.

As for packing to get there, well...I'm half way there. My stuff is all packed aside from clothes. Now it is just down to getting Nicks stuff packed in the next month so that come June we can start the trek down 3 flights, across town, and up one to the new place :)


Speaking of trek...Star Trek was aaaaaawwwweeeesssoooommme. Nick and I went to it opening day and I have to admit, I liked it better than I thought I would. And no, I'm not biased towards liking it just because James Kirk in the movie is from Iowa...that's a bonus ;)

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The Tales from the Crypt

Today I had my first combined editorial and graphics office meeting. After a while of teasing about the crappy rainy weather it was joked that we all needed UV lights in our office, health reasons since there has been a major lack of vitamin D.

Then it was brought up that I really needed the UV light, since my office had no windows, followed by...

"Actually when we hired Ruth, she requested an office with no windows as part of her deal to work here...vampire and all, she'll burst into flames if she sees the light"

love it! hehehe

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Wonderful Wacom

Today my fancy new wacom tablet arrived. I now look super awesome with wacom tablet on my left and mouse on my right. I learned today that if you use both mouses at once the one on the right overrides wacom's. (would I say I have two mouses? or two mice like the animal?....hmmm....)

Anyway, I don't think i'll ever photoedit again without using the pen and its varying widths depending on how hard I press it. That makes it so much easier! I might be a bit spoiled hehe

I feel uber fancy.

Come thursday will be my first "OSU Orientation". I look forward to seeing if during the history section I learn anything new. Doubtful, I'm pretty sure when I worked as an assistant to David I learned it all, but we'll see :)

Happy Tuesday! 

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greatest feeling ever?

knowing it is finals week and not having ANY!!!!

i love being a graduate :)

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Fail again, aparently i lack competitive drive.

Well, I forgot to blog yesterday...officially I think I'm about to give up daily blogging and go for 6 out of 7 days a week blogging. Seems to be closer to what I can keep up with :P

Valerie and Bonnie are much better at this competition, it will be interesting to see who wins in the long run. I'm keeping my eyes open to see who the winner will be:)

I guess I should have known competition would have been an issue for me, I mean in softball, I cheer when I miss the ball as well as actually hitting it...maybe that should have been a hint, a red flag of my pending doom with this competition.

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blogging daily starting over...for the billionth time

I figured since i forgot to blog 2 days back, i'd just start at the beginning of the here I go. last try for daily blogging for 30 days.

Today I watched "The Spirit". It will now stand as my least favorite graphic novel to become a movie.

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