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Macrap: the definition

Hello again! I am officially done with classes as of yesterday and to celebrate I feel it is time for a definition of my favorite design term "macrap".

You've all been subjected to it, fliers on bulletin boards, posters for concerts, emailed brochures, and tv, you know what to call it.

Macrap is design created including all or some of the following:
  • wordart. Wordart simply put needs to go away. Your rainbow effect type on a beveled curve should not be subjected to anyone.
  • stretched typefaces...someone spent hours creating that you really need to screw it up?
  • pixelated imagery...72 dpi is good for web, not for print. :)
  • stretched imagery...hit the shift key, it's not hard!
  • misspellings
Here is an example of "Macrap" from the term's inventor himself Jim Watson

So now that there is a term for it, lets make a revolution against it. Educate others.

and remember

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

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