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Painting, my medium of choice

Painting to me, is the most rewarding form of art. I may spend my days playing on the computer and putting out educational designs...but given the choice, I'd love to spend my days with a paint brush, some comfy clothes covered in paint, and my current playlist of choice. Admittedly apartments aren't the most accommodating for my favorite type of painting, murals. The last mural I did was actually years ago. Nowadays I do "smaller" pieces...maybe 4 feet across instead of an entire ceiling.

What makes painting more rewarding?
Instant gratification and the knowledge that no one else will ever be able to make what I've created. Painting is an experience. I get lost in the moment as the brush hits the canvas. I love manipulating the colors so that what is in my minds eye can be seen on canvas...and although I never know what the exact ending will be, I'm happy with the end creation. Graphic design is rewarding in that what I work on helps people, but it still doesn't have the same tactile experience as painting. I will admit to wishing I had photoshops "undo" button on numerous occasions painting...graphic design wins in the ease of fixing mistakes :P

Here are some pics of the last large mural I worked on, say hello to the then accurate solar system...since then Pluto has been removed from "planet"...but Pluto will always be a planet to me :)

While I have no idea if this painting is still around, I do know that the most rewarding moment for me was when we sold the house, the little boy who was moving into that room thanked my mom for his new "space room" and his parents said they'd bought him a bunch of space books. Educating thru art...truly more rewarding than the experience of painting for me.

I spent a week straight up on a ladder. I'm fairly certain Michelangelo used scaffolding on the sistine chapel...wimp ;)

painting supplies and a finished ceiling, the walls are Buzz Blaster Blue (best paint name ever?)

my sister's arm makes a cameo

as my brother is very scientific...we researched the exact number of moons for each planet. the sun is in the middle and from there the planets rotate out in order.

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  1. Lynn says:

    and what a lovely arm i have. must say its a beautiful stripey shirt that matches the blue walls well ;) me thinks you should paint something small in a closet corner for the next tennet to discover