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It's Snowing!!!

and...I love it :)

That's all for now folks!

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Designs solved by darkening all text.

As a whole, I believe designers are not mind readers.

If you are a designer who mind-reads I bet you would be a millionaire! I spend more time redesigning things from lack of information than I care to.

It is a sure-fire bet that if you are confused on what to do when designing that it is purely from lack of information. It would be so helpful if "clients" would say straight up what they are looking for.

If the world of design could be solved by darkening all text so things could be printed in black and white...I think I would have heard Sagmeister or someone tell me that by now. Truth be told if you want something designed to be printed via a copy machine...maybe that should be in your original requirements.

Stand up for what you want, I'm up for criticism...I just get tired of redesigning things that could have been stated in the original plan :)

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