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ECO-OSU winner :)

I won two awards at the ECO-OSU festival today. I created this piece to educate about global warming in a non-traditional and more humorous light. Created in classic russian propaganda colors, this piece shows our own Bush and a little speech I made up for him, complete with new bushism "transformationing". I have to admit, that both while the piece was up at Theta Pond numerous people thought that the speech was really from W himself. *dances* successful piece! :)

And so, without further ado, Global Warming:the opportunity. Winner of Ecological Awareness Award and 2nd place in the Digital Media category.

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bread...lots and lots of bread.

So I was driving today and I came across this truck...forgive me if the picture isn't the best, it is from my cell phone. But I couldn't help to think...what on earth would anyone do with this much bread?

Some ideas I've thought up so far...
1. feed hundreds and hundreds of birds
2. make a bread igloo
3. make a bread castle
4. smash all the loaves into one combined pile of 10"x10"
5. create a mold pile...perhaps start a compost?
6. trying to literally live on bread alone...
7. make bread balls to toss at people
8. make a bread ball pit...jump and playing in...bread, roles, bagels the whole nine yards!

there are more...and i may add them later, but i think the more i add the more i will prove how adhd i am :)

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