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Mini pie for one :)

Tis the season I make kolache and always end up with some extra fruity pie filling. So if you have some extra pie filling or just some late night munchies for a pie, here you go!

Recipe for one mini pie (made in a regular cupcake pan)
3T flour
1T chilled butter
1/2t sugar
1–2t ice water

Mix ingredients with a fork to disperse the butter throughout. Add enough water to make the dough stick together. Now, in theory you could chill and roll the dough out. Or, if you are lazy like me just spray your little cupcake tin, and form the dough like you would a little clay pot and stuff it in the tin. If you want your mini pie to look fancy feel free to use a fork all the way around the top of the crust to make a crimp pattern. Fill with left over pie filling. Bake at 375F for about 13-17 min. I know this is going to sound like a grandma way of cooking, but just cook until you get that "pie smell". Then tadah! Pie for one :)

Also, because during the holiday season you can't have enough sugar, I sprinkle sugar all over the top of the pie and crust.


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