By Ruth | 10:39 AM
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I love baking

As Monday was valentines day, I thought I'd share my newest love...baking...with you :) Here are a few fun things I've done since January. Let's just say...when I get snowed in, I bake.

Kolaches: updated recipe coming sooner than the 6 months or so I normally have between post.

Mini pies! Idea from not Martha's blog. When I make them, I like to use criso's pie crust recipe. Depending on how many mini pies you want to make,  you can choose how much pie crust dough you'll need. Normally, I just make a few so I use the single crust recipe. For fillings I either use premade pie filling, or just toss some fresh fruit in some corn starch and sugar.

Green bay packer cookies, because my team totally rocked this year. I may have brought a bunch of packer helmet cookies to work after the superbowl...GO PACK GO!

Hot pink rice krispy treats :) If you ever want to cut out rice crispy treats in shapes, I like to use metal cookie cutters sprayed with some pam to keep them from sticking to the treats.

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