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Oh Christmas tree...

Yesterday I bought a $35 prelit 6'5" tree from walmart to put in nick and my apartment. It pains me to admit walmart had the best tree size for our place (very narrow) but I got over that quickly once I put all the decorations up :)

Admitably I first bought a prelit tree at lowes only to get it home and find 1/3 of the lights not working...ugh, cue angry eyes from me. At least I hadn't put the ornaments on yet.

Anyways, here is our tree :) I'll get better pics later, these are from my phone.

And here is one of my great grandmas ornaments, I have a bunch on the tree from my grandpa Mudroch

a cruise boat ornament nick got us a while back, it finally got a tree

Finally, since I put up a big tree, mini-me tree is now taking refuge at my office :)

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Almost to Stillwater

I am on the last leg of the journey. I'll be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. I'll also be glad to be out of spotty Internet so when I write a long blog, say about how much the taco bell/kfc place sucked outside Kansas will actually post.

- Posted from the road, car trip status :)

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Family car trip going well

Trip is going great, everyone survived so far :) grandmas 80th party went off without any major issues. Only thing that happened was we blew a fuse with the pulled pork.

Next up Williamsburg outlet center.

- Posted from the road, car trip status :)

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9 million people at walmart

Well I didn't know there were this many people in and around platteville. But, we got my dad and nicks bluray players :)

We successfully navigated the sea of carts!

- Posted from the road, car trip status :)

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Last post not so much working

No connection, maybe this will work, maybe not.

Happy thanksgiving! Tomorrow off to black Friday sales :)

- Posted from the road, car trip status :)

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On the road again...

We just made it into Iowa. Car trip family bingo is a hit, no winners yet but as soon as someones electronic device has a battery failure nick will get a bingo :)

A pic of the weary travelers:

- Posted from the road, car trip status :)

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Mudroch Family Vacation

It's that time of the year! To wisconsin!

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Oh mini me Christmas tree

It's my mini me Christmas tree!

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Stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping all over town to finish finding things for my brother's Christmas presents. We also found some new Christmas decorations on sale at khols. Check out the new and improved stockings :)

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Twilight zone..*que the theme song and the kanamits*

Tonight was a great evening with Nick before I head over to my parents to help set up holiday decorations this weekend. We hit up Thai Cafe and decided to go see a new release at the theatre. I know what you're thinking...must be Twilight!!!

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This time next week: 80th Birthday time!

First, I'd like to announce that I have totally dominated this web-coding and now "read more" actually takes you to the rest of the post. Ok...back to 80th Birthday fun! Thanks to working a couple years at the Edmon Low Library through the Cobb dinner series, I know how to throw a party :) The last months have been spent making lots of phone calls on everything from booking the location, to invite design (hey, just because I design them doesn't mean I get no design input), and catering and the list goes on.
Grandma (Margaret Graves) senior photo recolored. I love photoshop!

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Christmas music album covers...

Is it possible for them to have anything above terrible design?

I'll give you there are a few exceptions but on the whole Christmas albums are HORRIBLY designed. Designers Macrap artists...CEASE AND DISIST! I rest my case in the images that follow.

1. clip art+terribly creepy bluish dead toned face=

2. I have no explanation except that I think I might will need therapy to get this image out of my head.

3. I think he's thinking..."what kind of candy is best for picking up children in my white van with no windows this season?"

4. Why give any attempt to cut out an image when you can use microsoft paint instead!

5. The phrase, "just because you can doesn't mean you should" comes to mind.

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New blogging competition:new blog design

I decided it was time for a new blog design...stay with me, I'm sure it will take a few days to get all the kinks out of it. I found a blog template I liked the main design and now I'm taking their parts into photoshop one by one and remaking them to my liking...aka no red and no weird looking snake that says "cracked blog design out his mouth. You'll notice the top has already been changed to say "clear as mud" sans snake :P

So, at this point as I haven't fixed the entire background image the blog will be best viewed at 1024 width, but, I figure I'll get the rest straightened out soon. Having very little web skills my blog redo is defiantly going to be trial and error.

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Vendors in the mall make it more lively

Yesterday night my sister and I decided to go to Edmond, pick up my mom and head to the mall for some christmas shopping. Anymore you can't walk anywhere without the mall guys haggling you over trying their new hair extensions or cosmetics or as the case may be weighted pillows.

Annoying mall haggler: Would you like to try one of these weighted pillows?
Me: No thanks I already have like 7 or 8.
Annoying mall haggler: really? which ones?
Me: oh, i have them in all sorts of designs.

I'm sure I left him scratching his head thinking he's never sold any of these let alone 7 or 8 to one person.

My mom has these "weighted lap pads" in her classroom, which are literally what he is selling. They are soothing for the autistic children to have the weight on their laps...but all of her kids like them.

Wouldn't that guy be surprised if I showed him not only do I have like 7 or 8, but really I have like 20-30, in different colors, holiday patterns, and sizes :D He ought to know that his real competition is my grandma, who makes them for my mom for free lol. We kept walking quickly the other way so my mom could laugh over me already having "7 or 8".

In other news, had lunch with Bonnie and Val, they are always full of hilarious stories and I'm surprised we got any eating done between giggling.

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Decided that blogging daily would require the use of my phone seeing as Internet is not going to be an option for the 12 hour car trip.

P.S. Take that blogging challenge (assuming this app works that will be 2 posts in one day) :)

Photo from last weeks Ruth and mom car trip :) you can hear more about that from my Twitter

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Monthly blog take 2

Well, seeing as I've neglected my blog for...months, Bonnie & Val's thought to start another monthly blog seemed like a great excuse to start up again. So here I am.

This weekend I pretty much finished christmas shopping, which, for someone like me who usually is more of a last minute shopper is a new accomplishment. On the topic of christmas shopping, I thought what fun it would be to get Nick a non-corny scuba diver ornament. (It just sounded like fun) little did I know what site I would run across trying to find one! I kept finding blogs/forums suggesting "December Diamonds" as a great place to find said ornament. They had a scuba ornament...although between his glittery blue speedo and rhinestone incrusted air tank I had to pass. But then I came across this gem...feast your eyes on Clint the Cowboy-merman. His 8" tall glory is sure to be a real winner for all your holiday needs!

Apparently this site makes mermaids out of just about anything you can think of...ranging from Blaze the firefighter merman to golfers and a mojito drinker (he comes complete with all the ingredients as well as a yellow flowered lea)

Lest you feel left out, it appears every year they hold a contest for new ideas! This years winner was some hippie mermaid.

Happy Holidays and let the one month blogging challenge begin!!!

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