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Designer Wish List

Otherwise known as, nifty things designers like me like :)

To be fair, Nick and I have already celebrated christmas and I love everything. But, if ever you wonder "what does a designer find nifty?" now you'll know what at least one of us finds very fun. Will I ever get these things? Most likely no, but that is why it is a wish list.

1. "Control z" pillows. The one thing on this list I actually do have. Fun story, I had them custom made on etsy from PillowHappy, and now she sells them! I knew I wasn't the only one who would find these pillows nifty :D

2. Really though, "control z" anything, like these resin necklaces from Plastique.

3. Kernie! He's a adorable, huggable, type loving monster from Problem with too expensive! As such, he'll stay on the wish list forever :D

4. Typography calendar from Pentagram. Every year the design firm Pentagram puts out a clean calendar with different fonts featured each month, complete with font bios!

5. Another find that will stay on the list forever, uppercase scarf. It comes in black or white and is laser cut out of the fabric. Very nifty :)

6. Another plastique item from is the kern rings...I find the hot pink ones the most adorable, but I haven't seen them in that color for a while, so to get them you'll probably have to get them custom made by the seller.

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Kolache recipe

By popular demand, I give you Grandpa Mudroch's kolache recipe :)

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made my mudroch grandparents kolache today. it was the first time i made them and i learned the recipe has a few the size of them being technically smaller than what the recipe says. but, they do taste good :) i just have some that are large enough for godzilla himself.

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forgot day 2

so i'll post this morning to try to keep my missed days on the low end :)

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I love being a graduate

I'd like to take a moment of silence and reflect on how much I love no longer studying for finals.

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Who needs a road?

Currently reading:
Who Needs a Road: the Story of the Longest and Last Motor Journey Around the World.

This book, which I got on loan from ILS is a great, true story following a couple guys as they drive around the world. Interestingly, although the book was most recently printed in 1999 and the South Carolina library that I rented it from got it in 2000 I appear to be the first reader of its stiff, soft-cover bound genius.

A great story about a group of guys back in the 60s who were the last guys to drive around the world. Presently a guy named Nicolas Rapp is trying to do the first Trans-world expedition since those guys went. Nicolas was an art director at the AP before he decided to take a year hiatus for the trip. As of this morning he was in Huehuetenango Guatemala. One of the guys from the original expedition told him the trip could no longer be done...I personally believe they enjoy being the last ones to go around the world. However, there are a lot of things that could happen. If you want to follow his journey his blog is:

Nicolas is also on twitter, he updates as he hits different towns, his twitter account is: Trans_World

He is taking a different route, and a different technique. Whereas the guys from the 60s took 2 cars for a lot of the trip and a pop-up camper. Nathan is taking a Toyota Landcruiser, which, already in the first few weeks of his trip has given him a lot of grief. Then again, compared to how many times the 1960s group were fixing the camper in just the first 120 pages of the nearly 500 in the book...I think he'll have better luck. He has a tent that pops up on-top of his Landcruiser, which you can see pictures of on his blog that he updates at least a couple times in a week.

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30 day blogging fail

Was having way to much fun playing with a Wii and forgot to blog yesterday. However lame that is I'm still proud of myself for doing waaaaay better at the challenge this time around than the last.

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happy friday!

i find my biggest problem with daily blogging is that i don't always have anything interesting to say daily that require more than 140 characters of text, like say twitter uses :D

so, i'll do 5 things that prove i'm a dork, as if I needed any proof.

1. I love Mariah Carey's christmas cd
2. I plan on watching "Holly's World" on E! this weekend, it's a new show about hef's ex-girlfriend Holly Madison. yeah, i'm that awesome :D
3. the other day I was at hastings cheering about Spore being available for Wii, not 20 seconds later a 2 year old walked over and jumped up and down cheering about, you guessed it! the same game as me!
4. I bought a box of $.86 candy canes for my tree, not because i particularly like them, more because i like the way they look on a christmas tree.
5. I can't pronounce the name of my favorite candy, but the peach gummy candy awesomeness is too great to is a pic of the bag though :P Each yummy gummy is about an inch in diameter and comes individually wrapped in a pink package with more letters I can't read.

my yummy peach gummy awesomeness as seen in front of my alphabet wall.

Have a great weekend!

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Another day at the office

Say hello to Pussy Galore, she is one of 6 Bond girls that decorate my office :)

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fireman hat

Today I've spent making a lot fireman hats via trial and error. About half way through the project I remembered when my mom used to tell a story about johnny who wanted to be a sailer. You tell the story while you fold a piece of paper back and forth. It works best with a large piece of paper, for my examples i'll use 11x17, which is really too small. When you use a larger piece of paper you can put the hats onto a kids head while you tell the story. Which, coincidentally, makes the hat look more "fireman like" than it does by itself. The story:

Once upon a time there was a boy named johnny and he wanted to be a sailer.
(fold sailer hat out of paper)

But Johnny's mom wanted him to be a fireman
(fold up one side of the hat)

But Johnny really wanted to be a sailer.
(fold up other side of hat)

But Johnny's mom really wanted him to be a fireman
(fold up one end of hat)

But Johnny, he decided to be a sailer.
(fold up other end of hat and pull out sides to reveal boat)

Johnny sailed and sailed around but one day a big storm hit and he lost the front of his boat.
(rip off one side of boat)

But Johnny was such a good sailer he kept sailing, and then another huge storm came and he lost another part of his boat.
(rip other side of boat off)

Johnny, he was such a good sailer, he kept on sailing anyways. But then, another storm hit Johnny's boat.
(tear out the middle point inside the boat. Let drop to floor and unfold)

Now all that is left of poor Johnny is his t-shirt.

this is truly a morbid story thinking of it now lol, but I loved it as a kid! I guess the lesson is listen to your mom or go to Davy Jones' locker. ;)

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Post for posting sake

here is a post for postings sake. i am half way to making a whole month blogging! Which will be the first time i've ever blogged this much in my life. I'm proud.

I'm so happy the holiday season is here, I love christmas. Last year I made the worlds greatest gingerbread house, courtesy of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer gummis!

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