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graphic design is a tiny bit different from police officers

helping nick with his resume and cover letter. since i am using mine as a template, i'm laughing myself to tears. graphic design has nothing to do with a police force cover letter and resume that i'm helping him with for class. something makes me think stuff like "I look forward to discussing what I can do to help with your fashion line" and ending a letter with "warmly"...just not the thing to do.

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I don't have time to blog, I'm reading!

I've become completly addicted to the eighth Sookie Stackhouse book, From Dead to Worse. This book has been the end of me doing anything productive at home these past few days. Which, I suppose is kinda bad timing since I should really be focusing on packing. Good thing the next book in the series comes out in May, otherwise I might cry not knowing what Sookie will do next.

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Raining cats and dogs.

Just a thought for today. Through my observations on my iGoogle weather versus what it actually has been ouside...well lets just say its been the exact opposite all day. If it says rain, its dry. If it says dry it's raining. All in all, google weather predicting skills=FAIL

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Today I spent the day, you guessed it, packing. Lots and LOTS of packing as I get myself ready to move into my new apartment. I think packing could be a full time job for me...I totally did it from about 9-7 today...and I'm close but not done.

On a side note, I noticed yesterday I was like 15 min late for hitting my Saturday blog...ugh, I'm so not good at this. Twitter is so much easier :)

Well, this marks Ruth's Round 3 for the beginning of a month of blogging.

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the great escAPE

Tonight Nick and I went to the OKC zoo's Great escAPE event, proceeds are going towards Sumatrian orangutans. It was so fun to see the apes and orangutans up close. Nick bought me a picture of one of the gorillas. She is so cute! Her name is Kalila, apparently she is very friendly and sometimes likes to spin around. Next time I go to the zoo, i'll have to look for her. She's in gorilla pen three. :)

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True Blood: Season 2 sneak peek.

As I go into further True Blood withdrawl, I find myself trying out louisiana spiced foods, reading (and LOVING) the rest of the Charlaine Harris books, and keeping up on all the True Blood gossip blogs can supply. 

I just noticed HBO put up a sneak peek of season 2 on their YouTube channel for your enjoyment I bring you the maenad attack :) 

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Employee Benefits and lack of left hand gloves

Today was the employee benefit seminar. I can wrap it up in a brief statement, "OSU has great benefits, however if you get divorced and you forget to change your beneficiary your ex-wife will be getting your benefits if something terrible were to happen to you."

Also, Hilbrett or whatever that sports store that FAIL, they suck at keeping left handed gloves on hand.

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Landry's Frozen Custard=Frozen Yummyness!

I now proclaim that Landry's (Laundry's???) Frozen Custard=very yummy. I had the Trevor Special...which is just a chocolate overload of goodness. I'm fairly certain that the excercizing that I did today was totally undid by the sundae, but I have no regrets.

I decided I really needed ice cream today...particularly soft serve, after talking about the budget for next year and Missy teasing we needed a soft serve ice cream machine. I totally agree! :) hehe However, I said that I would be fine with a stocked Ben & Jerry's fridge. ;)


P.S. Here is the day 3 addition to the office, my new fancy rice paper lantern. Admitably the picture made the lamp look a lot harsher than it is....really it is just a nice white glow :) Side effect of cell phone camera lack-of-awesomeness :P

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Prank called by the director

What is a sign that you work at a nice place? I'd say getting pranked called by the director is a pretty good hint :)

He claims to be a person from the physical plant. Speaks sounding like he isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and calls to tell me that "They heard I didn't have no windows, and that they were gunna make my office real pretty."

I was given several choices of poster type things to add to my wall...ocean being the most popular.

Geh, I feel for it! lol. I'm so gullible.

Day 2: I still love my new job, everyone is great. Today I got teased for having nothing in my office...I should have said, "Just wait until the moving truck comes!" ;) lol

P.S. Got the Chip Kidd Batmanga poster up today :)

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First Day of Work

Made it home from my first day of work as a Senior Graphic Designer at Fire Protection Publications.

This is me on the way to my first day!

Everyone is very nice and made me felt very welcome there, they even repainted my office for me.

I was wildly amused that my name was spelled right and had it already on the door of my office when I got there.

Stay the next few weeks I'll put up pics as I decorate.

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new job

To make up for the fact that I'm not the best at blogging, my new technique is to blog when I think of it. Today that means 2 blogs in 1 day...don't hold your breathe surely won't be daily.

At this point I'm lounging in bed and thinking in less than 12 hours I will be starting the next chapter in my life. I'll be making new friends, finding new challenges, and will be trying to learn everyones name as fast as I can while being on extra good behavior until I know everyone better. I'd hate to scare them off in the first week. As excited as I am, I'm only feeling a tinge nervous, but I'll be ok :) It is just crazy to think that after all the applications I finally got a big girl job that I'm proud of, and now, i'm ready to show them that they picked the right girl.

p.s. i am so a big enough nerd to take pics as the day progresses tomorrow.

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Fail #2

Well...I'm doing better than I thought I would with this daily blogging. Yet, as I woke up this morning I realized I didn't blog yesterday. BOO! I am not so good at this daily blogging. Too bad it isn't like baseball and 3 strikes and you're out.

As such, here I begin again with 30 days...hopefully I finish 30 consecutive days before next year :)

Yesterday, it rained. I go into get groceries...come out and it is pouring rain and I'm in my little leather ballet flats. So as I ran inside I just slid them in my bag and ran. Playing in the rain is so much more fun when the rain isn't freezing cold.

New job starts tomorrow! Fire Protection, here I come :)

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Scooby Doo birthday

Today I went to my first three year old birthday party...well, since my brothers about 12 years ago. The excitement of seeing all the munchkins running and screaming around is just so fun.

I bought Connor, the munchkin of honor, a McDonald's Cash register. Best thank you in the world is what I got in return :)

***high pitched scream!!! McDonald's!!!!*** followed by a brief conversation with mom about why he is supposed to open the other presents first and then play with the toys, since at that moment all he wanted to do was make a few plastic burgers and charge for them :)

Connor then went on to open the rest of the presents cheering in his high pitched voice for those he liked, and immediately asking for the next present after those that were not as much his favorite lol, too cute.

After a Scooby Doo cake, ice cream and a few more laughs with my friends and their families I knew why I loved children so much. Their honesty is priceless...and lets face it, watching them eat ice out of the cooler with the drinks and take a bite, spit the ice back...stuff like that is just hilarious.

Hooray, I win.

P.S. for those of you who may wonder about how softball went tonight, not quite sure...I went looking for a glove for my lefthandedness at Hilbett Sports...or whatever it is called and they only had giant man gloves or toddler gloves, come now sports companies us lefty girls with tiny hands want baseball gloves too! I vow to find a glove before next says we may still have the one I used in 1st grade lol.

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Today for lunch in honor of The Bloggess, I couldn't help but put Wolverines! as my name on my Chipolte order.

now, admitably this is not the clearest photo, but here is evidence of my WOLVERINES! :)

Bonnie had the genius idea and I admit that I am 99% certain I would have done it anyways...but now that I have a blog it is like encouraging me to do things like this just so I will have something to blog about for the next 28 days lol.

Tomorrow...trial 2 at softball, this should be interesting :)

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Blogging daily, FAIL

Well, so far for blogging daily...if we count today i'm 2/3...not so good. So I'll catch you up! :)

Yesterday, the Bonniepire went to write "offensive" things on the wall guessed it "All things offensive". Being a graphic designer with a huuuuge "offense" of terrible design, I wrote MACRAP! In fact, not only did I write macrap, but I wrote it in it's style complete with terrible rainbow colors and polka dots...

In other exciting news, the fountain is PURPLE! And there is a castle on library lawn. You know for how many friends I have in the SCA you would think that KISS-MY-ANTHIA from Role Models would not be my first thought upon seeing this castle...alas, it was.

Last, but not least, I got the joy of sitting by "nose-deaf-perfume-chick" on the bus today. HOORAY! :-/

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30 I come!

Today begins day one of the office contest to blog for 30 days straight.

Considering, as all 2 of you who read this may have noticed, that I have trouble even blogging once a should be trying, but fun. As Bonnie says, it only takes about a month for a new habit to grow!

I feel it is appropriate that the 30 days begin and end on a 13th...because, since I usually have such bad luck writing blogs, I feel it may counter act that luck...I mean...2 wrongs don't make a right, but 2 lefts do! So, we'll see.

***edit: as Val says, it is not 2 lefts that make a right, but 3 that do. Leave it to Val to burst my bubble***

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