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Etsy Love: My Lavaliere

Happy Friday! Welcome to the 3rd week in the Etsy Love series where I show things on Etsy that I love. Who knows, maybe you'll find some Etsy loves as well. Today's Etsy Love is My Lavaliere, this shop specializes in handmade vintage inspired trinkets. She has necklaces, rings, headbands, etc. While I find a lot of shops try to make this style of art, for me hers stands out since the trinkets always feel balanced. The colors and scale of the coordinating charms work together to create a work of art that tells a story on their own. 

Here is some of her work:
I love this necklace, in fact, it made a great present for my hairdresser :)
Scissor necklace vintage style brass long
Explorer compass ring brass filigree
I hope you guys have a great weekend! Assuming I can drag myself from reading Chocolat and playing Little Big Planet 2 I'll be back tomorrow with some baking. Aztec chocolate chip cookies based on a recipe from The Three Cheeses, I haven't made them it will be a fun experiment :)