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Flesh Melon and a Series of Unfortunate Events

Our tale begins yesterday afternoon at Walmart where Nick and I discovered in the produce area 'Flesh Melon'.
Flesh Melon!?? Sweet!! At which point I began my list of 3 yr old humor. I'm going to eat flesh tonight! Woo woo flesh melon I wonder what flesh tastes like. I then think I should call my brother, Robbie, he'll find this HILARIOUS!

It is from here things go downhill. May the "unfortunate events" begin.

I look in my phone and dial Robbie.

ME: hello?
Robbie: Hello (in very deep voice)
ME: uh, is this Robbie?
Robbie: yep. (this is when I should have probably realized I had called someone different, but no I figure, eh, my brother is 15 his voice must be changing!)
ME: Guess what!?? I totally bought FLESH MELON! I'm going to eat your flesh! HAHA woo I have flesh melon, isn't this hilarious!?
Robbie: Flesh melon? I've never heard of it. (this doesn't get the haha I'm ADHD and find everything my sister says hilarious response I expected...maybe another red flag?)
ME: Yeah, me either, so what are you up to?
Robbie: I just got off work at Walmart.
ME: WALMART?!? WHEN DID YOU GET A JOB?? Oh well. I guess I should let you get back to hanging with your little friends. Bye!

I look at Nick and was like Robbie works at Walmart? I have to call my mom. Long story short I call her, she is confused on why Robbie would tell me he just got off work at Walmart, because he doesn't have a job. She guesses he is pulling my leg.

About 4 hours later she calls me back, haven't called Robbie in 13 days according to his phone. I protest, no no! I just called him.

Turns out no, I had not just called him. I had called another Robbie. My graphic designing friend Robbie who indeed does work at Walmart.

Yeah, I've never felt like such an idiot in my life. Good thing for me my friend Robbie found this hilarious.

Moral of this story...and to make it somewhat design labeling heirarchy of 'Robbie' and 'Robbie Brother' needs a rethink. So far @dgroshong suggests Robbie and Brother....but I don't think it would help... Any thoughts? If anything I'm glad that I can give you guys a good laugh on this thursday.

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Is it Graffiti?!?

So, I've decided to join the list of super-awesome people who are bloggers. For my first post...

Is it really graffiti if all you do is copy a piece of art onto a wall?

Exhibit A: Found on the graffiti wall off Bethnal Green Road. Exhibit B: Roy Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl.I admit the graffiti is a piece of art yada yada yada...however, it has a striking similarity to the Drowning Girl. I guess for anyone to really answer this question of "is art copied onto a wall...I'll be it tastefully graffiti". What are qualifiers "graffiti"? Usually the thought of "graffiti" is synonymous with "defacing". Yet there are numerous modern art pieces that are said deface places all the time? When though is defacing "graffiti" and when is it "art".

For me, the "graffiti" should be considered a compliment for Mr. Lichtenstein, but not so much "graffiti". I mean really... graffiti is just another mural on a wall.

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