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4th of July weekend fun :)

Spent the day with Nick in Tulsa yesterday. First we hit up none other than...Best Buy, since we can't go to Tulsa and not stop to see all of the new toys :)

Then we went to Cinemark and saw "The Proposal". That movie was hilarious :)

Dinner at in the raw. Dunwell sushi is very yummy. And also yummy? Their baked when order lava cake of sorts was patriotic, blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream, see I got red/white/and blue in. The fun part about being at in the raw for during the 4th is that you can see fireworks going up all over the town. They may not officially be allowed in Tulsa county, but it was very amusing seeing them go up everywhere. Luckily we didn't wait to see the 21st Street fireworks seeing as they got canceled. Apparently one firework went rogue and set a truck on fire! Yikes, no one was hurt, but the fireworks were to be no more.

For Nick and I though, we saw lots of fireworks. As we started the drive home at dusk (still in Tulsa) I watched fireworks shoot over the roads...right above our heads, across fields, in the rain, with lightening...for us we had a fireworks show the entire way home. Only interrupted for about 20 minutes when the rain was really coming down. Funniest thing to me is it was like Stillwater waited for us to get home for their show, we made it home in time to watch the finale from our place, a block away from the lake.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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