Vendors in the mall make it more lively

Yesterday night my sister and I decided to go to Edmond, pick up my mom and head to the mall for some christmas shopping. Anymore you can't walk anywhere without the mall guys haggling you over trying their new hair extensions or cosmetics or as the case may be weighted pillows.

Annoying mall haggler: Would you like to try one of these weighted pillows?
Me: No thanks I already have like 7 or 8.
Annoying mall haggler: really? which ones?
Me: oh, i have them in all sorts of designs.

I'm sure I left him scratching his head thinking he's never sold any of these let alone 7 or 8 to one person.

My mom has these "weighted lap pads" in her classroom, which are literally what he is selling. They are soothing for the autistic children to have the weight on their laps...but all of her kids like them.

Wouldn't that guy be surprised if I showed him not only do I have like 7 or 8, but really I have like 20-30, in different colors, holiday patterns, and sizes :D He ought to know that his real competition is my grandma, who makes them for my mom for free lol. We kept walking quickly the other way so my mom could laugh over me already having "7 or 8".

In other news, had lunch with Bonnie and Val, they are always full of hilarious stories and I'm surprised we got any eating done between giggling.

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  1. BonnieAnn says:

    So how many weighted lap pillows does it take to keep you still?

  2. lol, it is like the question "how many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop" the world will never know :P