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Twilight zone..*que the theme song and the kanamits*

Tonight was a great evening with Nick before I head over to my parents to help set up holiday decorations this weekend. We hit up Thai Cafe and decided to go see a new release at the theatre. I know what you're thinking...must be Twilight!!!

That my friend is where you'd be wrong. If I'd been smart I'd have taken photos as I maneuvered my way through the crowd at Carmike. It was so stuffed I felt like I was at a mosh pit for some rock concert, only instead of happy faces all I saw was glares as I said "excuse me, excuse me No! I'm not here for Twilight!" I think in fact I said that exact line about 50 times as Nick and I were there to watch Planet 51 and all the Twilight fans were convinced that I was out to get better seats in their theatre. I proudly shoved them out of my way with the "I'm not here to Twilight" line, and I'll tell you the closer you get to the front, the more you hear things like "How rude!!!" and general whispers of annoyance at my lack of Twilight friendly conduct. You'd think I was K-stew sleeping with sparkle man himself from the looks Nick and I got. But, alas we made it into the threatre along with like 8 other people. (of the 8...2 were snoring by the end of the flick and laying out across numerous seats, but I have to admit that is preferred to screaming children any day. And to clarify, those sleeping were NOT CHILDREN) I thought Planet 51 was a cute movie, there is something funny about us being the aliens out to eat brains and destroy civilizations. :)

Anyways whenever I wake up in the next hours of this Saturday I'm sure to have a fun day at the family house. I always love setting up the christmas tree. Have a great saturday!!!