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Oh Christmas tree...

Yesterday I bought a $35 prelit 6'5" tree from walmart to put in nick and my apartment. It pains me to admit walmart had the best tree size for our place (very narrow) but I got over that quickly once I put all the decorations up :)

Admitably I first bought a prelit tree at lowes only to get it home and find 1/3 of the lights not working...ugh, cue angry eyes from me. At least I hadn't put the ornaments on yet.

Anyways, here is our tree :) I'll get better pics later, these are from my phone.

And here is one of my great grandmas ornaments, I have a bunch on the tree from my grandpa Mudroch

a cruise boat ornament nick got us a while back, it finally got a tree

Finally, since I put up a big tree, mini-me tree is now taking refuge at my office :)