This time next week: 80th Birthday time!

First, I'd like to announce that I have totally dominated this web-coding and now "read more" actually takes you to the rest of the post. Ok...back to 80th Birthday fun! Thanks to working a couple years at the Edmon Low Library through the Cobb dinner series, I know how to throw a party :) The last months have been spent making lots of phone calls on everything from booking the location, to invite design (hey, just because I design them doesn't mean I get no design input), and catering and the list goes on.
Grandma (Margaret Graves) senior photo recolored. I love photoshop!

Luckily I found an AWESOME caterer who is pretty much able to do everything from the food to cakes (like a giant angel food cake!) which, makes my life much less stressful seeing as I have no way to go to Wisconsin to see if everything is going as planned. I figured my grandma knowing who the caterer is and raving about her was a good sign, my grandma the chef...if she likes someone then I am good to go! We're heading up on tuesday night (by we I mean Dad, Mom, me, Lynn, Robbie, and Nick) I'm not sure we're all we are going to stop, but I'll be sure to keep all the highlights like car bingo, the giant toilet brush in cedar rapids (city of 5 seasons tree...when you see it you'll understand!), and me eating my weight in cheese curds up for your entertainment. I'll try to get a pic up of my grandma's invite before the day is out and special thanks to the library for letting me borrow the orange berry branches!