Monthly blog take 2

Well, seeing as I've neglected my blog for...months, Bonnie & Val's thought to start another monthly blog seemed like a great excuse to start up again. So here I am.

This weekend I pretty much finished christmas shopping, which, for someone like me who usually is more of a last minute shopper is a new accomplishment. On the topic of christmas shopping, I thought what fun it would be to get Nick a non-corny scuba diver ornament. (It just sounded like fun) little did I know what site I would run across trying to find one! I kept finding blogs/forums suggesting "December Diamonds" as a great place to find said ornament. They had a scuba ornament...although between his glittery blue speedo and rhinestone incrusted air tank I had to pass. But then I came across this gem...feast your eyes on Clint the Cowboy-merman. His 8" tall glory is sure to be a real winner for all your holiday needs!

Apparently this site makes mermaids out of just about anything you can think of...ranging from Blaze the firefighter merman to golfers and a mojito drinker (he comes complete with all the ingredients as well as a yellow flowered lea)

Lest you feel left out, it appears every year they hold a contest for new ideas! This years winner was some hippie mermaid.

Happy Holidays and let the one month blogging challenge begin!!!