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happy friday!

i find my biggest problem with daily blogging is that i don't always have anything interesting to say daily that require more than 140 characters of text, like say twitter uses :D

so, i'll do 5 things that prove i'm a dork, as if I needed any proof.

1. I love Mariah Carey's christmas cd
2. I plan on watching "Holly's World" on E! this weekend, it's a new show about hef's ex-girlfriend Holly Madison. yeah, i'm that awesome :D
3. the other day I was at hastings cheering about Spore being available for Wii, not 20 seconds later a 2 year old walked over and jumped up and down cheering about, you guessed it! the same game as me!
4. I bought a box of $.86 candy canes for my tree, not because i particularly like them, more because i like the way they look on a christmas tree.
5. I can't pronounce the name of my favorite candy, but the peach gummy candy awesomeness is too great to is a pic of the bag though :P Each yummy gummy is about an inch in diameter and comes individually wrapped in a pink package with more letters I can't read.

my yummy peach gummy awesomeness as seen in front of my alphabet wall.

Have a great weekend!