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fireman hat

Today I've spent making a lot fireman hats via trial and error. About half way through the project I remembered when my mom used to tell a story about johnny who wanted to be a sailer. You tell the story while you fold a piece of paper back and forth. It works best with a large piece of paper, for my examples i'll use 11x17, which is really too small. When you use a larger piece of paper you can put the hats onto a kids head while you tell the story. Which, coincidentally, makes the hat look more "fireman like" than it does by itself. The story:

Once upon a time there was a boy named johnny and he wanted to be a sailer.
(fold sailer hat out of paper)

But Johnny's mom wanted him to be a fireman
(fold up one side of the hat)

But Johnny really wanted to be a sailer.
(fold up other side of hat)

But Johnny's mom really wanted him to be a fireman
(fold up one end of hat)

But Johnny, he decided to be a sailer.
(fold up other end of hat and pull out sides to reveal boat)

Johnny sailed and sailed around but one day a big storm hit and he lost the front of his boat.
(rip off one side of boat)

But Johnny was such a good sailer he kept sailing, and then another huge storm came and he lost another part of his boat.
(rip other side of boat off)

Johnny, he was such a good sailer, he kept on sailing anyways. But then, another storm hit Johnny's boat.
(tear out the middle point inside the boat. Let drop to floor and unfold)

Now all that is left of poor Johnny is his t-shirt.

this is truly a morbid story thinking of it now lol, but I loved it as a kid! I guess the lesson is listen to your mom or go to Davy Jones' locker. ;)