Designer Wish List

Otherwise known as, nifty things designers like me like :)

To be fair, Nick and I have already celebrated christmas and I love everything. But, if ever you wonder "what does a designer find nifty?" now you'll know what at least one of us finds very fun. Will I ever get these things? Most likely no, but that is why it is a wish list.

1. "Control z" pillows. The one thing on this list I actually do have. Fun story, I had them custom made on etsy from PillowHappy, and now she sells them! I knew I wasn't the only one who would find these pillows nifty :D

2. Really though, "control z" anything, like these resin necklaces from Plastique.

3. Kernie! He's a adorable, huggable, type loving monster from Problem with too expensive! As such, he'll stay on the wish list forever :D

4. Typography calendar from Pentagram. Every year the design firm Pentagram puts out a clean calendar with different fonts featured each month, complete with font bios!

5. Another find that will stay on the list forever, uppercase scarf. It comes in black or white and is laser cut out of the fabric. Very nifty :)

6. Another plastique item from is the kern rings...I find the hot pink ones the most adorable, but I haven't seen them in that color for a while, so to get them you'll probably have to get them custom made by the seller.