Moving...almost complete.

Since Friday I have been moving and packing along with Nick non-stop. It is almost a relief to be at work because it gives my back a much needed rest. This weekend I carried boxes up and down countless stairs and only now is the end in sight. I'd say we are 90% moved comes the whole unpacking and setting up everything stage.

Setting up identical shelves from Staples I'd say was the closest I came to loosing my mind this weekend. Between slamming my fingers between the glued/pegged sections and trying to hammer in little tiny SCREWS, I about went crazy. They look nice now that they are done...but I think I'll have to take a double communion next weekend if I ever want to even out all the things I said under my breathe putting those damn shelves together. My mom laughed and said those shelves were just payback for all the years of them putting toys together for me as a child for christmas :P 

I'm happy with the way every room looks aside from our some point I think the boxes that I am currently using as a nightstand will need to be upgraded and a headboard found for the basic metal frame...but hey, they work. 

I think the fact that Nick and I didn't kill each other off moving ourselves is further proof that we make a great couple :)