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The first home...I think

This is our first house. I never realized that this house was so close to the Walnut Street me they seemed a million miles apart. In reality, oh a good 15 minutes at the most.

The memories that I have/have been told that I did...after all, I was very little.
1. As soon as my mom had painted the kitchen I created a huge mural all over it with my colors. Apparently I've always had an affinity towards creating artwork on walls :)

2. When my sister was using baby bottles they would all mysteriously go missing. My mom realized the reason why is because I would toss them over the fence to the neighbors dogs to chew on.

3. The neighbors in the blue house next door gave us all their antique Barbies to play with. We still have a few around the storage area...although these skippers/ken dolls are far from collectors items :)

This house on Catawba Ave, has by far the most interesting background story of any of the homes we have lived in. Things I have only now learned :)

  • The previous owner used to climb on the roof in his underwear and use a golf club to chase the squirrels according to our neighbor across the street.
  • The swat team busted in the house while the previous owner lived there...and seeing that there were fluorescent lights in all the closets down the halls upstairs...I can only guess why.