Childhood Homes: First stop Walnut Street

Well, to start I don't remember the address/street for the first house I lived in until I was about 5...I think it was on Grover something or another, but I forget. Will add that one later after some help from the mom.

So, we'll start with photos of places I remember more clearly. First up Walnut Street in Westerville, Ohio. I lived here from right before kindergarten until the middle of second grade.
1. Somewhere in that general vicinity is where my sister got stuck in the mud fetching our frisbee out of the neighbors garden. Before we were let back in the house we were promptly hosed off. :)

2. Where my sister and my super awesome sandbox was. My dad built us basically a little sand house. Complete with screened in windows (to keep the bugs off), a roof, a door that latched and bench incase we didn't feel like sitting directly in the sand. I loved that sandbox, and it is still one of my fondest memories creating little sand cakes in the neon green frisbee and setting them outside to "bake".

2...continued. This house would also be the driveway where my mom delicately painted a shelf with little metal poles and cubbies that spun around 360 degrees. When my mom went inside to wash up the paint brushes/etc she heard the hose go on...but, it was too late. I had hosed off the entire shelf she painted. As she says, "that is why that shelf never did look good".

3. Across the street is surprisingly still fields, my dad used to drive us around in the trailer of his riding lawn mower. I remember that being a lot of fun :)

Unique things from this house:
  • The guy before us had a ton of smut, everything from nude chicks on stationary to sleazy magazines. They were all promptly thrown away. Now seeing as heafty super strength bags were not around, well, when the garbage men tried to throw that particular bag away it tore open. Lets just say apparently they stayed a bit and checked out the magazines.
  • We had pet ducks. They'd come over from the dam and we'd feed them.
  • Eagles Pizza (right down the road from us) had the biggest cookies known to mankind. Well, given I'm sure if I went back there they'd be the size of any normal cookie, but they seemed the size of my head as a kid :)

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