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House #3...or should I say #1 in Iowa

Big move happened in 2nd grade...Ohio to Iowa. This is our first house (other than the one we rented for a few months that I remember being on 25th ave and peach).

I give you 3475 24th Ave, Marion Iowa
(yes this is the first one I actually remembered the address too...not bad)

Explaining numbers above :)
1. This is the second house we moved from after my dad completed some form of a this point we consider it a curse. He built the 3 season porch, complete with skylights, all by himself.
2. Those trees were much smaller :P
3. Dad built a playset for there...but as you can see it is now gone and replaced with my stick figure rendition. 

Memories from this house 
1. Those fences around our yard were a real nuisance for throwing frisbees. I don't know how many times we got to go around the block to get them out of someones yard.
(Speaking of fences, one of our neighbors put a gate between our two fences...and then a few years later put a lock on it and a planted a bush infront of the gate entrance. I think that the deadbolt was a big enough hint to stay out of their yard...but hey the bush sealed the deal i suppose.)

2. This is the house of all the infamous Robbie stories. They include such favorites as:
  • Robbie mashing a bunch of bananas with dulpo legos and calling it "cooking".
  • Robbie using a steak knife to get donuts out of a box.
  • Robbie programming the cd player to play his childhood favorite songs.
  • Robbie coloring on piano music.
  • Robbie coloring on a wall.

all of the above done when he was a little munchkin with curly blonde hair that was fun to put headbands in. (I feel Robbie stories are soooo appropriate seeing as he turns 16 today). :P

3. Another awesome playset by my dad. This would be the first wooden one he creates. The best playset for using Robbie's neon orange matchbox car track and ramping cars.

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  1. BlaXilver says:

    how many places have you lived?

  2. i have lived a lot of places. i started in an apartment in chicago, then 2 houses in ohio, then 3 houses in iowa, and since i've been in oklahoma my parents have lived in 3 places, and I am on my 10