Good Morning Moving Day!

It's 8:30 and already I've been at work for a bit, packed my car and somehow put on a matching outfit. 

Today while I'm at work, Nick gets to finish packing...then around 11:20 we will get our keys and he'll get to move...while I'm at work. This work thing is a pretty sweet deal ;) Actually, Nick lucked out and got the next few days off. Moving will be...interesting to say the least seeing as we are bringing in things from all over the state. The schedule goes as such.

1. Move things from Nick's Stillwater
2. Move things from Nick's Storage Tulsa
3. Move things from my Stillwater
4. Move things from my parent's Edmond

yeah, what would be the fun of moving from one place to another when you can choose LOTS of places and move into one. That being said when it is all done and over with...assuming no one keels over from going up and down too many flights of stairs, it will be great. 

Hooray and thank you to my friends helping us move. We would not be able to get the couch up stairs without you ;)

Wish us luck, and if you're bored...I bet I can find you a box to pack or carry in the next few days :P