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spray adhesive and exacto blades

This week I am getting ready for the design show. As such, I feel now is the time to look back and think of all the things I've learned about the two staples of being a designer.

Spray Adhesive and Exacto Blades

When it comes to spray adhesive I do not know what kind would be the 'best'. They all smell, they all stick to everything...and anything around everything. Such as carpet, walls, fingers, clothes and so forth. I can tell you that the Krylon Spray Adhesive has got to be the worst! Perhaps I got a bad batch, but it seems no matter how much I stick on posters and foam core that they bubble up or peel right off the wall.

I've also learned that no matter what tape seems to be not 'restickable'. It sticks...but the whole unsticking and resticking like post it notes, doesn't so much happen.

Lastly, I vote that when cutting things out, tiny exacto blades are not near as good as the larger ones. And really, best of all is scapals. That's right, scapals are no longer just for the medical profession! Watch out doctors your blades have a new use now. (I've also noticed that i can't spell scapal...scapel? scapule. If you spell bad enough not even spell check can help you.)