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clear as mud

Clear as longer just a saying. Nope, it has been upgraded to my resume book. Today I learned that I have no aim when it comes to "flinging" mud. I'm trying to fling mud onto a large sheet of paper in interesting patterns to photograph and, not going to lie, most of it ended up on the porch.

After taking photos of mud on paper an idea hit me. How cool would it be to put mud on me? I mean, I am after all a "Mudroch". This progressed from mud on me to how gross it would look to eat mud. I thought about the 'True Blood' opening sequence with the children eating strawberries which looked all bloody. Grabbed a lava cake and tadah!!! I'm eating mud.

Here is the first spread from my resume book. After having that much fun with the mud I realized that the mud looked much more like a heap of shit that "wet dirt". Ergo, roots and greenery! :) The phrase used for my theme tagline you wonder? 'Design this fresh almost feels dirty'.
check out my 'dirty' designs @ the site needs some tweaks still, but it's up!