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Senior Design Show!

It's the Senior Design Show! I'm so excited that all my pieces are up and that all the work everyone has done the past few years will be on display. This morning it rained and rained as we brought in our pieces. It seems to always rain when I hand in my work...hmm...

Anyways, I found it quite amusing to watch the mannequin come across the parking lot in a trench coat, it was like a headless trench coat person out to get all the designers on their way in.

The show opens on Sunday the 16th officially and will remain open for a week. I may be biased but I think all the work looks amazing! :)

Here is my play-doh picture to go with the rest of our play-doh theme. We all picked something close to us. Personally, I love the art and designs from mesoamerican cultures. So, my claymation play-doh is a little Aztec (Nahuatl) headdress.