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Enviornmentally Sensitive Area

Here is a photo I forgot I had. I always am on the look out for good designs, well placed people friendly signage, and concepts that make me go wow!

Here on campus we have all sorts of signs, being tobacco free there are no smoking signs every 30 feet, pistol pete posters, building wayfinding and street signage. This sign is my favorite. I will precurse this photo with over the past few years OSU has seemed to become less than enthused with the non-sidewalk walking college crowd who dare to go across the grass and have since put up tons of black chain fences around the grassy knolls to keep us out. I admit, for me they are like a challege waiting to be played with. So, I routinely walk over them, jump over, or walk just next to them as often as possible...not quite sticking it to the man, but it amuses me.

Well once games started on campus I wasn't the only one on the grass, apparently those crazy tailgaters thought grass was a great place to put there tents, so signs were placed around to keep off the grass.

Nothing amuses me more than this: meet construction vehicle digging up precious grassy knoll. We met on the way to class, I keep this photo on my phone for a good laugh. So without further ado I give you 'Environmentally Sensitive Area, Please stay off the grass'.

(and yes...this area too is surrounded by the black chains of encouragement.)