social media done right

National Geographic should win a prize for their new twitter accounts. You may remember last week on April Fools when I posted that I had found a yeti. I posted the same pic on twitter saying:

I have found a yeti, just took some cotton candy to lure him out

About an hour later the Abominable Snowman replied! Think you've found me? Prove it!

The link goes to NatGeo's Expedition Week (a series that has run this week on their cable channel) which includes an episode on finding the Abominable Snowman. I love when social media gets it right, how entertaining to advertise your show by responding to tweets. I assume they have some sort of google bot looking for hooligans like me claiming to have found a yeti, but it is still hilarious. Sign me up for the job of playing a yeti on twitter! If you go to MrAbominable on twitter you can see he has replied to hundreds of people. I particularly love how each tweet is unique, not some mass tweet to anyone who mentions yeti/abominable snowman.

MrAbominable is just the beginning of the new twitter accounts from NatGeo, they're also behind: TheJackRipper, HungryCannibal, and TheGladiatorMan.
Hats off NatGeo, you gave me a good laugh while advertising a series that interests me :)