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Crazy roommates

I was just chatting with my friend about roommates and reminiscing about all the ridiculous roommates I had thru college. I am convinced the house I lived in had a beacon that sent signals out to crazy people to move in.

Craptastic chef: I had an HR major who turned out to be a horrible cook most of the time. Meals of canned beets and cheese were usual as well as a complete inability to create any box dinner. It's like the directions were in some ancient language and she magically destroyed any hamburger helper. If you walked into the house and there was an unusual know she was at the oven again!

Craptastic chef's biggest fail wasn't her cooking, no no...when she moved out she literally took every last role of toilet paper with her (including the ones currently in use by the toilets) because it had "sentimental value from a failed TPing expedition with her brother.

What cardboard? My only normalish roommate even had a cooking problem. Have a smokey smell coming from a pizza? Check to see the cardboard has been removed before the freezer pizza is tossed into the oven.

Still pink! I tried to cook pork for one of my roommates, she wouldn't eat it until it had been on the george forman for like 20 minutes...

Schedule queen: want to take a shower? well then you better write up when you want to use the shower on the handy dandy schedule on the shower mirror. and if you dare take a shower during an open slot on the mirror and DON'T schedule yourself prepared for consequences.

Crazy roommates "painting edition": If you take away anything from this post, learn from my mistakes and don't let people paint their rooms. Things like keeping paint off the ceilings, clean lines around the trim, using more than one coat of paint to cover bright colors...I've learned these are not widely known painting rules. More interestingly I found that painting trim also has differing techniques. How silly of me to assume letting one of my roommates paint their own trim white while I did the rest of the house accordingly would turn out anything but a disaster. She literally painted around her furniture. So when she moved out I had nice big sections of peach trim.

Past roommates, thanks for making me appreciate my own place so much more, I'm sure I drove you nuts too as shower schedules and removing toilet paper made me a bit passive aggressive :)

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  1. BonnieAnn says:

    I once came home to find a roommate "painting" blue polka dots on her walls. She was using a wad of paper towels to sponge on crayola tempura paint.