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Etsy Love and a bit of fooling around

I don't normally do too much on April Fools Day. If I do, I prefer the harmless entertaining types of pranks. Last year, one of my coworkers was gone the day before 4/1...making it just too easy. I took all his family photos out of their frames, scanned them, and gave them little tweaks. I Hasselhoffed a hiking pic, blackened out a few teeth in another, and put the spooky owl from The Fourth Kind in the background of a wedding pic. Hilarious. If you ever get a chance to photoshop your coworkers photos 4/1 or not, I'd suggest it for a good laugh :)

Now, onto Etsy Love.

This week I love the photography of elgarbo's Fine Art Prints. Based out of Sydney, Australia, this shop has a variety of prints ranging from surfing to Paris. Perhaps it is the super nice weather today, but my particular favorites are from the carnival series. I love the vintage feel of the photos and how I feel I can just hop right in and enjoy the festival. Right now the shop is running a buy one get one free sale on all 8x8 and 8x10 prints :)

Balloon Crazy, it's like UP only better! I'm ready to go run around with a pile of balloons :)

Lastly, while we are on the carnival theme...I figured out the secret to finding a yeti. Cotton Candy. They happily trot out of the woods for a photo op if you give them their favorite culinary guilty pleasure. :P

Happy April Fools!
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