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fantastic sunscreen design: sun bum

I can't tell you how many times I play on packaging websites like and find myself wishing I could buy a product because of its awesome packaging...and am instead stuck with an ugly version. Either thru large cooperations not being brave enough to try a new packaging design or so many people screwing with a design that the initial concept is lost. (see a great comic of how designs go wrong at the oatmeal).

Not so with Sun Bum! I ran across this display today at Summit. And although I haven't extensively tested their products yet (pool opens Tuesday), I have high hopes for the relatively new sunscreen brand (est. 2010).

Sun Bum is a small company based in Cocoa Beach, Florida with one concept in mind, "protect your lazy ass." They take pride in creating products that they trust to use on their own family and friends. I like how they don't sell tanning oils or tanning sunscreens since they aren't recommended by the skin cancer foundation. All the bottles have a woodgrain texture, and I love how when you look at their packaging it is easy to tell which bottle you want. The darker the woodgrain the less protection (lowest offered SPF 15), lighter woodgrain higher protection (up to SPF 70). Lastly, I ran across Lucky Bum...and decided...he needed to come live with me as my car mascot :) Rub his belly for "sunny days and better waves".

Sonny's happy to be my car's mascot :)