Scooby Doo birthday

Today I went to my first three year old birthday party...well, since my brothers about 12 years ago. The excitement of seeing all the munchkins running and screaming around is just so fun.

I bought Connor, the munchkin of honor, a McDonald's Cash register. Best thank you in the world is what I got in return :)

***high pitched scream!!! McDonald's!!!!*** followed by a brief conversation with mom about why he is supposed to open the other presents first and then play with the toys, since at that moment all he wanted to do was make a few plastic burgers and charge for them :)

Connor then went on to open the rest of the presents cheering in his high pitched voice for those he liked, and immediately asking for the next present after those that were not as much his favorite lol, too cute.

After a Scooby Doo cake, ice cream and a few more laughs with my friends and their families I knew why I loved children so much. Their honesty is priceless...and lets face it, watching them eat ice out of the cooler with the drinks and take a bite, spit the ice back...stuff like that is just hilarious.

Hooray, I win.

P.S. for those of you who may wonder about how softball went tonight, not quite sure...I went looking for a glove for my lefthandedness at Hilbett Sports...or whatever it is called and they only had giant man gloves or toddler gloves, come now sports companies us lefty girls with tiny hands want baseball gloves too! I vow to find a glove before next says we may still have the one I used in 1st grade lol.

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  1. BonnieAnn says:

    We won! Not by much but we'll take it. Especially since the other team had a few really bad sports, so it was extra fun to beat them. :)