Blogging daily, FAIL

Well, so far for blogging daily...if we count today i'm 2/3...not so good. So I'll catch you up! :)

Yesterday, the Bonniepire went to write "offensive" things on the wall guessed it "All things offensive". Being a graphic designer with a huuuuge "offense" of terrible design, I wrote MACRAP! In fact, not only did I write macrap, but I wrote it in it's style complete with terrible rainbow colors and polka dots...

In other exciting news, the fountain is PURPLE! And there is a castle on library lawn. You know for how many friends I have in the SCA you would think that KISS-MY-ANTHIA from Role Models would not be my first thought upon seeing this castle...alas, it was.

Last, but not least, I got the joy of sitting by "nose-deaf-perfume-chick" on the bus today. HOORAY! :-/