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Landry's Frozen Custard=Frozen Yummyness!

I now proclaim that Landry's (Laundry's???) Frozen Custard=very yummy. I had the Trevor Special...which is just a chocolate overload of goodness. I'm fairly certain that the excercizing that I did today was totally undid by the sundae, but I have no regrets.

I decided I really needed ice cream today...particularly soft serve, after talking about the budget for next year and Missy teasing we needed a soft serve ice cream machine. I totally agree! :) hehe However, I said that I would be fine with a stocked Ben & Jerry's fridge. ;)


P.S. Here is the day 3 addition to the office, my new fancy rice paper lantern. Admitably the picture made the lamp look a lot harsher than it is....really it is just a nice white glow :) Side effect of cell phone camera lack-of-awesomeness :P