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30 I come!

Today begins day one of the office contest to blog for 30 days straight.

Considering, as all 2 of you who read this may have noticed, that I have trouble even blogging once a should be trying, but fun. As Bonnie says, it only takes about a month for a new habit to grow!

I feel it is appropriate that the 30 days begin and end on a 13th...because, since I usually have such bad luck writing blogs, I feel it may counter act that luck...I mean...2 wrongs don't make a right, but 2 lefts do! So, we'll see.

***edit: as Val says, it is not 2 lefts that make a right, but 3 that do. Leave it to Val to burst my bubble***

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  1. Two lefts do not make a right, but three do! Haha, bubble popped!