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The Things I'll do for a Cake Pan...

It all started off with Nick's usual birthday angel food cake. This year I decided that since he has asked for it every year we've been together, it is time I get my own damn pan :)

Who knew that would be so difficult??? I give you the condensed story of my travels for a cake pan.

It all started off at regular stores in Stillwater, Wal-mart and Food Pyramid. I go to these places early in the week on a search for Nick's angel cake pan. Since I plan on making these often, I decide I want a cake pan with the little feet so I don't have to try and balance the cake pan on a wine bottle while it cools for the rest of the duration of that cake pan's life.

I want: this cake pan...

complete with it's convenient little feet. Well Wal-mart and food pyramid only have the cheap/crappy cake pans without the little feet (if one at all). So I move on to Murphy's in Stillwater...fancy cookware place. They are all sold out of all angel cake pans. At this point Nick assures me that we'll just get one this weekend while we are in OKC for his birthday dinner.

Problem with that idea that I don't realize until I'm in OKC Saturday (today for 30 more min) that it is TAX FREE weekend....again...didn't realize.

So we go to OKC from Stillwater today straight to where I know I'll find my trusty cake pan. Penn Square Mall's Williams Sonoma. After driving around the parking lot for a frustrating 45 minutes I give up...this is when the tax free thing starts to hit I figure we'll go to Quail Springs mall, less busy. After fighting traffic and a couple stop lights that were broken we make it there, actually find parking and head into the mall. I tried every store that could have our cake pan...Sears, Dillards, Macy's, JcPenny...etc. They to either don't have it at all, are sold out (what is this angel cake day??? or have the cheap crappy wal-mart ones with no feet. I didn't drive all the way to OKC for a cheap crappy angel cake pan).

Getting aggrivated Nick and I head back to the car and do the only sensable thing when an angel cake pan is no where to be found in town #2, we head to town #3!

Calling ahead to the Williams Sonoma in Utica Park in Tulsa the lady thinks I am critically insane for driving from OKC to there for just the pan.

"Do you realize we have a Williams Sonoma right near you at Penn Square Mall?"
"Yes, but I drove around for 45 minutes and couldn't find any you have my pan???"

So we make it into Tulsa and SUCCESS they have our "fancy" angel cake pan with its little feet. At that point I also buy their fancy cake mix for the pan, I figure I'm not driving all the way here for just the pan :)

At this point the cake is just out of the oven and I go looking for my Tupperware container made just to hold cakes like it...cake container apparently got lost in the move....lame. I guess that just gives me a new excuse for another adventure for cake.


---on a side note. As I got into town a few hours ago I headed over to Food Pyramid for a few ingredients, I see an employee running across from the other side of the shopping center. Then I see what he's chasing...a skunk headed straight for 2 ladies standing outside the entrance for Food Pyramid. The skunk hid under a palate holding something for $9.99

When I left about 15 minutes later the skunk was apparently still under the palate and I see said employee with his head on the ground staring under the palate...I'm thinking he is at most 2 feet from the thing....all I have to think is that can't possibly end well :)

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  1. BlaXilver says:

    I must say that I do like my fancy pan with the little feet, and look for excuses to make angel food so I can use it.

    On one hand I am glad that I didn't think much about getting it, since I didn't have to look too hard to find it. Although at the same time, your adventure to get one sounded a whole lot more fun of a way to find just about anything, and I now think that that it the only real way to shop.

  2. Rebecca says:

    not to make you cranky - but i see these all the time at the local goodwill when hunting for vintage treasures. i have a couple of them... now i just need to make a cake. your looked lovely.