Ken for Leah!

Convinced I can find a better "guy" for my friend Leah than the last few winners, I went to look for a Ken doll at my dismay they all look like Zach Morris, tools.

Which spurred on the idea to look on eBay, where I found these GREAT finds!

1. Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken, with Peek-a-boo tan lines.

2. Shaving Fun Ken(who I'm convinced looks like Spencer Pratt and his creepy flesh colored beard).

3. Glitter Beach Ken (the cut-off shirt really adds back the manliness that the glitter takes away).

4. Jewel Secrets Ken (perhaps he unveils the secret of where Ken's Jewels have been all these years).

Decidedly, I think the reason Ken has so much trouble looking manly, could be his complete lack of parts in his nether regions.

Conclusion: Finding a manly Ken doll is impossible...on to GI JOE.