Take that power outage!

Last night right before the storm hit, I ran in for a quick couple items at Food Pyramid.

As I checked out the power flickered...ergo rendering the card swipe machine unusable.
The cashier said I could use a check.
I wrote it in record-breaking time...and the instant that the check went through the power went out.
SUCCESS!!! I am the power outage winner. Take THAT Oklahoma weather!
(and yes, in the complete darkness that was Food Pyramid, I threw up my arms victoriously and cheered)

however, I did still get to stay in the store a few minutes while admiring the waterfall cascading on the inside of the windows of the store. Lovely water feature really :)


p.s. to the gal behind me in the checkout line from Maine who has been here a whopping day or two before seeing what Oklahoma weather can do, Welcome to tornado alley!