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First week as an "adult"

First week as an "adult"...which i'm defining as my first week of work as a post-graduate...non-surprisingly feels very much like working before graduating. Pluses? Now I don't have homework to come home too.

As for "new year new me"...well nobody's perfect.

I am exercising more...not daily, but at least 3x a week. Also, I was eating healthy until thursday. Thursday I totally ODed on rieces pieces...those m&m shaped ones. I ate a bag made for at least 8 people lol and finished it off with bufallo wild wings and mixed drinks. But other than that one major side track...I'm doing pretty good. Now to keep me out of those candies I am bribing myself. Bribery=DVD of Little Mermaid. Hey, whatever works right? So far so good. If i can keep it up 2 weeks...I get my DVD :)

Well, I'll keep you posted!