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Asymmetrical Girl

I have officially met my design/author hero :) The designer of numerous covers, he brought Batmanga to the mainstream, the author of Cheese Monkeys...I present Chip Kidd. I have to admit I had no clue he was making a goofy face, as such I giggle everytime I see it.

After reading his Cheese Monkeys book I was instilled with a quote that has ever since kept me designing. Whenever I get stuck on a design, a client looks and goes eh I "opposite of like" that,...I have one thought in mind-

Never fall in love with an idea. They're whores. If the one you've got isn't doing its job there is always, always, always another.

It was great to meet Chip Kidd and realize that not only is he a great designer, he's also hilarious! If ever you get a chance to meet him, I'd highly suggest going to do so. Between photos of japaneese Batman and a tank, his enthusiastic and very theatrical readings from Japanese Batman comics he translated, his trials to use a fortune cookie on a book cover (he found himself thinking...where would I see this phrase in life? a fortune cookie!!), and his midlife crisis band. The show is fantastic.

Things I learned from Chip Kidd aside from the fact that he a triple threat (sings, dances and designs! see Assymettrical Girl) He also finds it hilarious everytime he thinks of the section in Cheese Monkeys where the cat gets water poured on it for gestural drawings. There is proof that I'm not the only demented one that finds cat water torture? hilarious.

If you're interested in Chip Kidd, here is his site.