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FAIL! better luck next time

Between insurance companies, kinkos and a bit of sarcasm...well, what could make a day more of a fail? I can't think of anything.

FAIL #1 Thinking an insurance company could be useful on the phone.

I should have seen the red flags when it took Blue Cross Blue Shield a week to email me. I mean really they even have BS in it's initials (coincidence...i think not). Anyways, so I figure it's been since December and I've heard nothing new on my dental.

*play hold music...elevator tunes...*
Enter grouchy insurance person. womp womp womp womp womp womp womp.
Me: *confused* didn't I already answer all these questions on the application?
Insurance person: womp womp womp womp womp.
Me: oh how do not see my application.
Insurance person: womp womp womp womp womp has it been at least 2-4 weeks, because if it hasn't your womp womp womp won't even show up womp womp womp.
Me: oh.
Insurance person: womp womp womp anything else?
Me: not unless you can expedite my dental ok later.

May as well have talked to a wall for that conversation. Inanimate objects may have been more helpful.

FAIL #2 Phone call from Kinkos

Kinkos: Hi...we can't find your file to print.
Me: You mean the one I dropped off last week? Because I still need those 1200 invitations by noon.
Kinkos: Yes. Can you resend it. We usually do not use files.
Me: (UGH!) Sure, it i can find it.

FAIL #3 ME!!!
So I might have just forwarded the file from my friend...without looking at the subject line. Turned out it said "Kinkos Sucks!!!" Let me tell you, that has to be the best way to get your project done quickly I've ever thought up.

3 strikes and I'm out! better luck next time :)