Links Countdown

Let the countdown to me living in the links this time next month I will be moved in, hopefully somewhat organized and enjoying life sans roommates, aside from Nick :)

It will be nice to be away from regular apartment furniture and into a place with all of our own things. Couches, bed, desks, tables and chairs all of which I'll be able to do whatever to. I'm also excited about being able to put up art work that I was a little hesitant on putting up while I lived in a college home for fear it would be knocked off the walls.

As for packing to get there, well...I'm half way there. My stuff is all packed aside from clothes. Now it is just down to getting Nicks stuff packed in the next month so that come June we can start the trek down 3 flights, across town, and up one to the new place :)


Speaking of trek...Star Trek was aaaaaawwwweeeesssoooommme. Nick and I went to it opening day and I have to admit, I liked it better than I thought I would. And no, I'm not biased towards liking it just because James Kirk in the movie is from Iowa...that's a bonus ;)