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baking with Ruth

Tonight I learned the reason why you really shouldn't try a new recipe you plan on bringing somewhere for the first time without a trial run.

Simply put, Mayan Bundt Cake was a put it nicely. When I would put the wooden poker in to see if it was done at 40...then 45...then even another few minutes later it would always come out looking not even close to done. Then I just decided at 50 min that this thing is going to burn before it finishes and, sure enough, as it cooled 10 min and then was flipped it came out in alternating uncooked and overly dry parts. It came out looking like a heaping pile of dirt. Not so much the bundt cake shape that I pain-stakingly criscoed/floured.

Mayan Brownies are in the oven now, hopefully these don't become another FAIL, or I give up. At least these don't have to be flipped into a fancy shape.

Although, I am disappointed that the $5 cake holder tubberware thingy I bought today will not get used. Ce la vie.