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It's been a while...

It's been like forever since I've updated un here. So, hows about a quick game of catch up?

To help encourage working out I got EA Games Sport Active, I love it. I've also enjoyed all the nice weather that has finally returned making walking around the lake and reading outside both very appealing activities. This month I've finally started cooking most of my meals from scratch, and what do you know, I'm loving it! There is something fun about doing everything yourself instead of buying it premade. Better portion sizes, healthier, fresher, cheaper. All wins in my book! I love having fresh produce on hand and have been making sure to snack on that instead of other less healthy alternatives like my kryptonite, Reese's Pieces.

In other news CS5 was globally announced today, looks to have some interesting features if any of them actually work the way they are supposed to. For me, I'll have to use the trial version before I decide how much I need the upgrade. Presently my computer at home is too old to run it anyways. Long live my Powerbook G4. I'm fairly certain it would crash with CS5.

Have a great week!