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snow days!

Until today the last day of work for me was Thursday ending at noon. As such, I found myself iced into my apartment for almost 4 days. What to do? Well, let me tell you I have no trouble amusing myself with snow and lots of free time. In no particular order...

1. Obligatory photo to my friend in Iowa to prove to her that I indeed had more ice (3 inches thick outside) than she has in her freezer.

2. Testing take-out and icy weather. I phoned up Papa Johns Thursday night and sure enough crappy weather can't keep them away. In fact, they did record breaking time and got my pizza to me in not 1 hour 15 or an hour (as they'd guessed) but 30 min! And, of course it was very tasty.

3. I found when I have an abundance of free time I love baking! I made homemade garlic bread one night. I used the bread machine for the bread and then mixed up my own garlic spread with a myriad of spices in my cupboard. Not going to lie, creating my own butter shaped like a cube, was fabulous. Just takes softened butter, spices and then shape with saran wrap and chill.

4. I took advantage of the snow running around like a 1st grader, making snow angels, and having a few snowball fights with Nick.

5. Still in the baking mood I looked through the cupboards and made oatmeal raisin cookies with some disgusting Kashi oatmeal packets I bought a while back thinking it was "healthy". While the cookies where not my favorite, (as I could still taste the Kashi honey flavoring) they turned out surprisingly well and Nick likes them. :)

6. I beat all the levels of the puzzle levels on Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS), now to go through and do the levels that have the starlite showing to begin with...

7. I actually cleaned the place! Like grandma clean (aka so very spotless) I even took apart the vacuum and fixed the stupid thing to work better at all.

Now I just need it to warm up a little bit so I can go make a nice big snowman with my snowman making kit.

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  1. Jonna says:

    I just wanted to drop by and Thank You for your sweet comments on:

    I got my dose of "laugh" for the day, reading your blog! I will also check out the link you sent me for the cupcakes.
    I'll be back.